440 Pipe Fence 4-Rail

The 4 rail fence is a steel ranch rail product that is perfect for containing horses and cattle.  Its superior polyester powder topcoat gives the pipe fencing a long lasting durable finish.  4 rail fencing is a necessary addition for breeding areas, or when limiting access from calves or foals.  Cattle ranchers and horsemen purchase the 4-rail ranch fence as a long term capital investment to the property and for aesthetic appeal around their ranch estates.  440 Fence is offered in 8 foot and 10 foot sections.  A typical ranch fence installation around a cattle or horse farm is made up of 10' sections.  8’ sections are used when additional strength is required for containment on smaller lots or with a more robust herd.  Use of 8' fence sections can also be used to build a smoother circle for round pens, corrals, and paddock areas in and around show barn areas.  440’s smooth inline design along with the strength of the 4 rail fence panel give the rider and horse a safe environment to graze or ride.  The 4 rail fence is available in multiple height options.  Its bracketed design give the 4 rail pipe fence the flexibility to configure the rails to match multiple equine fence applications.  The 4 rail ranch fence is the perfect horse fence for containing cutting horses, quarter horses, and reigning horses and many other specialty breeds.  PermaCoated steel continuous fence is the most economical and safe solution to long-term livestock and equestrian fencing because of the maintenance free finish.  While other fences need to be replaced and maintained, a steel ranch rail 440 fence only has to be purchased once.  440 fences’ have a maintenance free finish and require no painting.  The easy installations of the 440 fence rail system make this ranch rail fence a best seller for ranches and horse arenas.