Simple Connector

440’s unique patented connector was designed by horsemen for traversing all types of sloped and curving terrain.  Strength and versatility from a brilliantly simple design make this rail attachment optimal when installing along any boundary.  This connector is the genius that makes 440 Fences effortlessly flow from sharp complex angles into smooth flowing curves and turns.  The 440 Fence rail connector blends the aesthetics of the ranch rail fence with the highest safety standards around your ranch estate, livestock ranch and/or equestrian facilities.  440 pipe fences are simply installed using an 8mm allen wrench, enabling the rancher to build fence at a rate of 700 plus feet per day.  All 440 connectors and pipe are galvanized and powder coated to ensure the utmost in quality and rust prevention.  Each connector will accommodate 2 3/8" pipe.  Whether incorporated in a 6-rail breaking pen or fencing along a winding drive, the 440 connector will allow for design changes or expansion of your 440 ranch rail fence.