440 Ranch Fence By Ameristar was spawned from the 440 Ranches, some of the largest quarter horse breeding and training facilities in the world.

Through years of experience, research and collaboration with 440 Ranch personnel we have designed and patented what many would call a "FINAL FENCING SOLUTION".

Our 440 fences uses a 4-layer patented process that involves galvanizing and powdercoating the steel to prevent UV damage and rust. With this in mind, you will never have to paint or replace the 440 Fence.

Low Maintenance

440 Fence Company uses a 4-layer patented coating process to ensure the ultimate in rust prevention. The rust process never has a chance to start because the steel is galvanized in a hot bath of pure zinc prior to roll-forming. 

Next, the steel goes through a pretreatment process that prepares the steel for the epoxy primer coating.  The pretreatment process involves a thorough cleaning of the steel and addition protective layer of a zinc phosphate. 

Once the pretreatment process is complete and epoxy primer has cured the steel is ready for the final protective layer.  A no-mar polyester powder coating is then baked on at 500 degrees with a UV inhibitor to protect against sunlight and all weather conditions.

No RUST Worries

This process is what sets 440 Fence apart from all other pipe fencing products. Unless your fence is damaged with such severity that the raw steel is exposed....IT WILL NOT RUST, YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO PAINT IT, AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO REPLACE IT!

If the fence is damaged, a section can be replaced within a few minutes with just an allen wrench.